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 How To Activate Adobe Photoshop CS5/CS6 Extended

A new concept in digital edition comes to your computer, with Adobe Photoshop CS5. This is nothing more and nothing less than a new version of the most popular suite of photo retouching software of recent times.

With its color palette and a great range of toolboxes, Adobe Photoshop CS5 gives you a wide range of features that let you give incredible finishes to all your graphic projects. Thanks to Adobe Photoshop CS5 you can modify colors, distortion, reflection and opacity of your favorite photographs. You also have the option of automatically recognizing and selecting objects that make up an image, to eliminate them or isolate them from it.

What can be better than trying the features of this tool by yourself? Download the software right now and check its excellence.

 This post is for learning purpose only, if you like the product. Get the legit one.

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1.   Download the serial text file, host file and amtlib.dll - these files are necessary to make it work.


2.   Download adobe photoshop CS5/CS6 installer from adobe site.

3.   Once done, unplug your internet connection and install the program using the serial provided or just ticked 30 days trial if available.

4.  You have successfully installed it right, now you need to edit your host file. Go to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

5. Go to the file you downloaded on step 2 and copy the hosts and paste it to the directory you opened on step 4.

     Note: When you encounter file permission error (error saving); the simplest way to solve it is to copy the hosts file and paste it to the desktop and delete the file on the etc folder. Reverse what you did earlier and surely you'll have full permission.

6. We are now using the third and last file, which is amtlib.dll. Locate the directory where you installed adobe photoshop CS5/CS6 (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5) and paste the amtlib.dll

7. You're done and enjoy.

Tested on adobe CS5 Extended.


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